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I have been listening to a ton of country music recently. i kinda love it!
Last night i went fishing again with Kevin. We went to this park on the northside of La crosse. It wasn't as good of a spot at we fished at Sunday.
Sunday we drove way out past where his family used to have a farm to this perfect creek in rolling green pastures. It was GORGEOUS!! We caught a bunch of fish. i even got a trout. We never keep them cuz it's work to clean them. It was so peaceful out there. He gave me a grand circle tour of the country side. The weather sunday was amazing. so it was a great drive.
last night we didn't get too much. a few blue gill and a sunfish or two. It was stinky cuz a huge sheephead fish was dead and rotting on the bank. It's kind of a ghetto part of town too so we left when these guys where fighting up in the parking lot.
I got to see Kevin's former racecar. he sold it yesterday. It's a Chevelle and i got to poke around at at and he sat in it and preteneded to drive. I really want to see a real race, but i have not gotten around to it yet.

Matty and i leave for California tomorrow night with the dog. I am excited to see everyone and to attend the 10 year reunion.