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meet Blooregard

I got a laptop. Jerry marked the display at work doiwn to $350 so Matty let me get it! I can still go on the trips to New York and Disneyland inthe next year or so!! Yayayayay! I love it! i'ts a little gateway and it's blue and it's ALL MINE!!


"i decided i love drugs now" -Pandora

Doing E with Kohl was super fun. i would totally do it again. Lights looked so rad and his techno music was so intense. I chewed a pill and a half and then we snorted the other half. I had neon green boogers for 3 days!! I felt great the next day too. I don't think i fried too many brain cells. Why didn't i ever do this back in 2000 when i smoked pot all the time and did shrooms!

I think i want to bleach my hair. I have it mostly natural at the moment and it's pretty but i want some excitement and I have not been blonde since 1999. If i decide to i'll post pics!!

first time

kohl and i are doing extacy. it's pretty cool thus far. it isn't like anything else i have done. it's a really good vibe.
i don't feel as if i am on drugs. i just feel awesome.
Easter was awful. i don't even want to talk about it.

Taxes are awesome cuz Matty and I are getting over $2,000 cuz we filed together as married folk! yayaya!
I am getting an assload of hours at work. i work 6 days next week! Oh man!!

Matty and i plan to go to california in June for my Maria Carrillo class of 1999 reunion and so we can see our family and friends!!

sunshine is good for my brain

another beautiful spring day here in Onalaska!! Matty, Dan, Brooke and i went to Culver's for lunch. I had a mushroom burger. It was super tasty but now i have a gurgly tummy.

I am gonna hang out with Kate tonight, we have not hung out since the Toby Keith concert.

Kevin and i talked for two hours on the phone last night. It made me feel better about myself as a whole. For the first time ever he didn't talk about himself. i was amazed. this kid LOVES to talk about his problems. So i got a lot of stuff off my chest and it was nice. Tomorrow we might watch NASCAR again at his house.

Matty has been super talkative and good recently. Today he brought me home a cope if the Twilight DVD, i didn't even ask him for it. I was so happy!

my sides hurt, epic LOL

I was reading a website full of misheard song lyrics and i seriously was laughing hysterically!! The best part is that i am alone at home howling like a screech monkey! Even the dog got up and left the room in disgust from my outbursts! Sheila judges me sometimes!
Oh man that was funtimes! I am so tired now! I was up at %am cuz i had to be at work at 6am to set the book, dvd, and music new releases. i was up until past midnight last night. must stay up. we have Idol tonight.
Today it was 69 degrees out! it was sooo nice! it's cooled off a little but it's still nice. I have most of the windows open to air out the house.

mini rant

being married is really hard. Money has constantly been an issue recently. we never have any. we pay our bills and rent but we are constantly annoyed because there is no money left over. Don't get me wrong, being married has it's perks it's just that these issues never came up until we got back from our honeymoon. welcome to the real world Moratto's!
Another thing that annoys me is that everyone is always judging our marriage. Matty and i hang out just me and him all the time. This seems strange to many people that we never go out together. Well we go out alone and eat food and that kind of thing but Matty and i have separate friend groups. i don't feel the need to always follow him around. I trust him and i trust his friends for the most part. Oh well. We are happy despite the hardships.

It was an amazing day outside today. it was 65 degrees and sunny. The warmest in almost 5 months! Yay! I am going to be so glad to see spring! We don't let our guards down cuz it could snow anytime between now and may in theory.
I spent the daytime outside and the evening watching movies on Lifetime. fun times!!
We went out last night because Jamie had won that free drinking party at Arena. it was super fun times. i got wasted just like i had planned. I danced a lot and it was good fun. We went to Perkins after for food. it was tasty. I am mad at Chris Mahlum and i am not sure why. i vaguely remember him saying something hurtful to me while jay drove us home. i can't remember but i still feel mad. he acts so superior and smart but it's just a fucking facade. Whatever. He don't know me! LOL
Matty and i hung out for a few hours today. it was the best. I love him so much it makes me wanna hit myself with a mallet!
Kevin wants an epic party for his 31st birthday in April. I have not thrown a party in a while. i am a little nervous. we shall see. Matty on the other hand dosen't want a party for his 29th birthday in April. strange boy.

about last night

Last night was Bridgette's 31st birthday spectacular at her house. I was worried at first cuz shes a crazy cat lady but the party ended up being a ton of fun!
Jay, Kevin and i got tipsy and entertained ourselves to no end in the kitchen while Matty taught Jerry how to play Wii. Bridgette seemed to have a ton of fun and quite a few people showed up so i think it was a great success!!
While we where leaving Bridgette's house i saw a random rabbit across the street so i went running through some peoples yard to find it. It had snowed a lot so i fell face first in the street and Kevin kicked a shitload of snow in my face. I got up and wrote "I HATE YOU" in the snow on his windshield. then as he was getting in his car i threw a giant arm full of snow and rubbed it all over his face and head. It was hilarious. I fell over again on the way to Matty's car. I love snow fights.
I bonded a lot with Bridgette before the party. She's a very nice girl and i enjoyed getting to know here better outside of work.

Today i was lazy and watched the Food Network all day from the couch. then i made chicken for dinner and Matty and I watched "Rosemary's Baby". it was pretty good.
I was just going to bed and Kevin called. Oh my can that boy talk. We talked for almost 2 hours. I have not been on the phone that long in forever.
last night was great. Work was enjoyable and after work Jamie, Holly and i went downtown. we started at Who's and had a red fishbowl. I got gut rot as per usual. so i switched to beer. It wasn't very crowded downtown so that was nice. We decided to try out the new bar Arena. OMG it was so fun. it is a sports bar downstairs and upstairs it's a dance club! We danced our faces off! so much fun! I decided i needed to snog so i randomly walked up to this Indian guy (like India, dot not the feather.) And he told me he never French kissed anyone before. Poor guy. he was very proper and he was not trying to get in my pants so i made out with him for a while then i had to leave him to save Holly from this black guy who was all up on her dancing and she looked scurred! LOL! Jamie and i had code names all night as well. I was Effy and she was Pandora. Yay. Jamie won a drawing so she gets a party on the 27th at Arena with a DJ and FREE drinks from 9-11. OMG BEST EVER! It's gonna be so cool!

today Matty and i are celebrating Valentines day cuz we didn't see each other yesterday. We have also been married 6 months. crazy!@!