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holy memories!!

well i am still alive and kicking. i should get back in and post more. hmm lets see. i am now working as a debt collector. i am married to Matty. i still hang out with Brent a lot. he and i are very close. its hard to believe we have been friends nearly 5 years. crazy. matty and i bought a house in 2011. i still love wisconsin. i got my drivers licence in 2009. what about you guys??


i just cancelled my paid account on here, long story. I may post here from time to time still.

Many things have changed in my life. Kevin hates me as does Kate, thats an even longer story and i do not with to recap at this time. all things happen for a reason and obviously he was not a good friend. i am healing. it will be a while before i get close to someone again.
What did i ever do to deserve such amazing friends?
I never had a strong connection with my family. Don't get me wrong. i love my mom, dad and brother, but my real support group has been my friends. I love you all so much.
I have been listening to a ton of country music recently. i kinda love it!
Last night i went fishing again with Kevin. We went to this park on the northside of La crosse. It wasn't as good of a spot at we fished at Sunday.
Sunday we drove way out past where his family used to have a farm to this perfect creek in rolling green pastures. It was GORGEOUS!! We caught a bunch of fish. i even got a trout. We never keep them cuz it's work to clean them. It was so peaceful out there. He gave me a grand circle tour of the country side. The weather sunday was amazing. so it was a great drive.
last night we didn't get too much. a few blue gill and a sunfish or two. It was stinky cuz a huge sheephead fish was dead and rotting on the bank. It's kind of a ghetto part of town too so we left when these guys where fighting up in the parking lot.
I got to see Kevin's former racecar. he sold it yesterday. It's a Chevelle and i got to poke around at at and he sat in it and preteneded to drive. I really want to see a real race, but i have not gotten around to it yet.

Matty and i leave for California tomorrow night with the dog. I am excited to see everyone and to attend the 10 year reunion.


I got to go fishing again with kevin today. we went to this spot on a creek way out in the farmlands. It was so beautiful and warm and perfect today. I also caught like 4 fish! It was great. I love fishing!!

sunny days

summer is here! Yay!
I bought a fishing licence at walmart cuz Kevin is gonna take me fishing. I am so excited! I have never fished, i have gone crabbing but not fishing!

Kevin came over he hung out with me and matty it was super fun! We talked until 4am. we got all emotional and we both cried a little, not like waaa waaa but tears where shed. it was cool.
I got my tickets for California. I am excited about the high school reunion and seeing my Cali peeps!!

Next weekend Kohl and Jamie and I are going up to her house in the northwoods. it should be a hoot doncha know!

thoughts and dreams

i had another dream about Brian last night. I hate it. This means i am still thinking about him in my subconscious and i would like to think i am over him. I can bet he never ever thinks of me. He never loved me. I truly loved him. depressing really, but thats the past.

It's been ok visiting my dad. having my brother David here makes it hard. David's Aspurgers Disorder (it's an autism spectrum disorder)makes it hard for my dad to relate to him. my dad also has no patience with David. I wish David could just snap out of it but it's not like that. I feel bad for David and irritated at my dad and sometimes the other way around.

The icing on the cake is the tension between my dad and brother set off my anxiety. i have been dealing with it well but i can still feel it. I am getting home sick. I miss my life in Wisconsin. i feel like a little kid here.

May. 15th, 2009

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wow i have been to a few states!! after the epic road trip in september i can add New Jersey, Indiana and New York to the list!!
i am leavin for Spokane WA on saturday to visit my dad and carlos. my brother david will also be flying in from CA. I am excited to bond with my brother. Matty is letting me hijack the Wii so we can play that the most ever. Now i have a laptop so i can be endlessly amused playing the sims or watching Battlestar Galactica on the plane. Yay!!!

May the 4th be with you

Life has been pretty good recently. i love my laptop of course and i have discovered a few rad websites like pandora.com and hulu.com. I love it! I have discovered the joy of sweet wines. I am a huge fan of Chateau Ste. Michelle Reisling and any cheap white zinfandel. Yummo! Here is Wisconsin people love them some sweet wines. I have been hanging out with Kevin, Kohl and Teresa and it's been fun. I have been working full time hours for once so i have a bit of money. Yay!